I Went from Exhausted and Resentful to Confident and Loving Myself. I Broke My Habit of People Pleasing and YOU Can Too!

Hi there! I’m Jenn Kemp and am ecstatic to have you here! I’m a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), creator of Own Your Esteem, and an experienced people pleaser.

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I LOVE practicing as a PMHNP! It feels like I found one of the things meant for me in the universe. I specialize in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders with medications geared towards mental health.

I started hearing a common complaint after practicing for only a few months.

Many clients were people pleasers and didn’t realize it. Come to think of it, many people in my life are people pleasers. Therefore, I knew I had to find a way to share my professional and personal experiences with YOU.

I spent most my life pleasing others and abandoning myself to keep the peace.

For example, I did my siblings’ chores as a child so they wouldn’t get in trouble. I began struggling with mental health disorders as a teenager. Therapy and medication helped with my concerning behaviors related to mental health at the time but didn’t end my toxic habit of people pleasing.

As an adult I married…had children…and I was exhausted, unhappy, depressed and couldn’t pin down why. In my self-loathing I was ready to build a small she shed beside my house and live alone away from my husband, children, and dogs. My inability to let go of people pleasing impacted my life in a lot of ways.

My marriage was rocky for several years. Of course, it’s easy to blame this on the other person. However, I knew I was responsible in some way and needed to explore and become aware of how. This didn’t mean my husband didn’t bear any responsibility, just that I can only control my actions.

Finally, after many years of therapy, I realized I was a people pleaser.

This habit grew out of childhood and would continue as long as I allowed it. I had to break the habits of always being agreeable, saying yes to everything, never setting boundaries, letting my emotions rule my life, and feeling like everyone was taking advantage of me.

I have years of personal life experiences, navigating mental health concerns, studying a master’s program, and treating mental health disorders that helped me unlearn the need to please others.

Kentucky is my home with three children, two poodles, one husband, and one dwarf hamster. We are a bit of a circus, but as I’m typing this today, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tomorrow may be a different story. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, and please know I SO APPRECIATE YOU BEING HERE!

Own Your Esteem is here to guide you on a journey to find yourself and STOP people-pleasing!

Ideally, I’ll publish short videos along with blog posts to give a more in depth look into why the blog was written, what the blog is about, and how it can be applied. I’ll share personal stories from my life and hopefully leave you with some insight as to what I learned from the experience.

heart, love, sunset-3147976.jpg